Current California Loan Rates

California Rates:

Looking for a mortgage lender in California?  At Brickwood Mortgage we take pride in helping you understand your options and placing you in an opportunity that takes care of your needs. Mortgage interest rates have a critical impact on the overall cost of purchasing a home through financing. Purchasing property can be overwhelming but we will walk you step by step through California’s escrow process, disclosures, home inspections, fixed mortgage rates and more!

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Rates Posted: 11/03/20

30 Year Fixed

Rate: 2.625%

APR: 2.786

15 Year Fixed

Rate: 1.99%

APR: 2.300

FHA 30 Year Fixed

Rate: 2.25%

APR: 3.385

VA 30 Year Fixed

Rate: 2.25%

APR: 2.378