Mortgage Loan Programs

BrickWood Mortgage is a full service Mortgage Broker offering Purchase Money for Residential Homes and refinancing of existing Mortgages/Homes. We Finance Primary Residences, 2nd Homes, Investment Properties, Single Family, Duplex, Multi Family (up to 4 units), Condos, and Condotels. Contact us to see if one of our loan programs meets your needs.

30 Year Fixed

A 30 year fixed loan offers a low monthly payment over a 30 year period. It’s an attractive option for those who plan to stay in their home for many years.

20 Year Fixed

If you don’t think you can afford the monthly payments of a 15-year fixed, and don’t want to stretch out your payments for 30 years, then the 20 year fixed is a great option.

15 Year Fixed

15-year fixed loans have a benefit of a lower interest rate, and payoff in half the time of a 30 year fixed. They require higher monthly payments, but you pay less interest over the life of the loan.

10 Year Fixed

10-year fixed loans pay off faster than a 15 year, and have higher monthly payments. They offer the lowest fixed interest rates available.

Adjustable Rate - ARM

Have initially low interest rates that adjust based on current market conditions. Most ARMs come with an initial Fixed Period of 3, 5, 7, or 10 Years.

FHA Loan

The Federal Housing Administration insures these loans to make it easier for borrowers to qualify for a mortgage. Borrowers with a low down payment or Credit issues should consider applying for an FHA Mortgage.

FHA Streamline

The FHA streamline refinance is designed to lower the rate on current FHA loans.

Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans are for homes in higher price ranges, The loan amount must exceed the conforming limit. We currently offer Fixed Rate, ARM, and Interest Only JUMBO programs.

VA Loans

Government-insured Veteran Administration loans for up to 100% of purchase price to our eilgible military veterans.


For properties in Rural Areas issued by the USDA. No down payment required.

VA IRRL - VA Interest Rate Reduction Loans

VA refinance to lower the rate on current VA loans.

Reverse Mortgage

Officially the HECM, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is for individuals 62 years old that need a mortgage and don’t want to make mortgage payments. Purchase and Refinance HECM/Reverse Mortgage Programs are available. Borrowers are still responsible for paying property insurance, property taxes, and maintaining the home. If the borrower fails to adhere to the loan terms they run the risk of foreclosure.

Bank Statement

For Self-employed borrowers that would prefer to use bank statements to qualify for loan. No tax returns required for Bank Statement program.

Debt Service Credit Ratio Loan (DSCR)

Investor Loan Program that uses the property’s cash flow in Lieu of income documentation.

Interest Only

By paying only the interest on your mortgage, you are free to manage your cash flow and pay towards the principal balance as you see fit.

What Our Customers Are Saying

BrickWood Mortgage found the right mortgage to meet our financial requirements. Paul was great. He had the patience to explain the whole mortgage process to us, telling us what to do do and not to do with our finances.and then dealt with the lawyer and insurance agents for us.Paul was available any time including weekends to answer our concerns.I would recommend Brickwood Mortgage and Paul Hankins without hesitation.
Joe and Mary Rose Kelley

Joseph Kelley