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You’re interested in buying a home – this is fantastic news. Whether you’re purchasing a home in SC for the first time or you have bought a property before, this doesn’t stop the tingling of excitement that builds within. After all, our house is where we create memories with loved ones and relax after a long day of work. However, if you’re like most people, the tingling of excitement is soon replaced by a wave of nerves and anxiety. Why? Because the home-buying process can be so confusing and difficult.

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. For starters, complete the simple questions above and fill out the contact form. As you’ll see, you will need to enter information about the property in which you’re interested, the property use, its estimated value, your down payment, and a few other details. In just a couple of minutes, you can provide your information and an experienced member of the BrickWood Mortgage team will get back to you as soon as possible. Your home purchase in South Carolina will be less stressful when you have professionals in your corner – we can help you obtain the best mortgage for your situation. 

Additionally, we’ve also compiled some advice below and you can see it as a ‘buying a home checklist’. So long as you stick to this list, you won’t go wrong.

Step 1 - Learn Your Borrowing Capabilities

Ultimately, the amount you can afford isn’t based on property values but rather the amount you can realistically repay once in the property. With this in mind, lenders will consider your credit rating, income, down payment, monthly expenses, and more; this information is considered for all applicants. 

Why is this information important? Because it informs lenders of how much you can repay and how reliable you are as a borrower. Things that will allow you to borrow more when buying a home include: 

  • Higher salary 
  • Less debt 
  • High credit score 
  • Low monthly expenses 

These will tell lenders that you are reliable and will be able to afford repayments. On the other hand, lenders will be wary of lending to people with low credit scores and high monthly expenses. This being said, every situation is different, so contact BrickWood Mortgage today because we will work hard to partner you with the right lender and mortgage – we have access to all the best lenders.

Step 2 - Shop for a Loan

While you can go through this process alone when purchasing a home in SC, we highly recommend working with mortgage brokers. Even though we’re a little biased, it means that you don’t need to worry about anything. Instead, professionals will consider your circumstances and shop the market on your behalf. With access to many lenders, BrickWood Mortgage will help you obtain the best loan to avoid mistakes and decisions you may later regret.

Step 3 - Consider Home-Buying Programs

The way that you purchase a property may change depending on whether you’re eligible for specific programs. For example, some people can receive help from the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) – FHA loans are designed for those who struggle to get a loan from conventional lenders. Meanwhile, others may qualify for VA loans – these are for veterans and eligible active service members.

Step 4 - Shop the Market

Once you know your borrowing capabilities and whether you’re eligible for a home-buying program, you have a much better idea of the properties that are within your reach. In short, this is the exciting moment you have been waiting for because you can shop the market and look for a property that will become the focal point of the next chapter of your life. 

When shopping for a home, we recommend making a wish list of features that you would love to have in the property. As well as ‘must-haves’, you can make a list of ‘would be nice’ items that you are more willing to sacrifice. Over time, the goal is to find a property that has all the necessities and even some bonus items.

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